Far-Ty is Ty as a temporary villain. Feeling he's not needed after Abby showed him up several times, Ty, trying to overcompensate for himself behind her back, was captured by Fartor, who was in the midst of planning yet another full-scale fart attack on the world. He exposes Ty to the same deadly gases that transformed him, using a special process to speed up the transformation. Now, Ty, as Far-Ty, becomes Fartor's greatest asset in carrying out his dastardly plan. And just as Fartor plotted revenge on his older brother Gary, Far-Ty carried out an act of twisted revenge on his older sister Abby. Ty’s fart side appears only in the ending of ep. 20 and ep. 21. Just like Fartor, Far-Ty also wears a fart suit to survive. The suit is orange with a glass helmet to hold in the gas and attachment in the back for the Flatulent Gun, and one in the front for his methane tank.

  • Real Name: Ty Archer
  • First Appearance: Episode 20 ("Silent But Deadly Part 1" and "Silent But Deadly Part 2")
  • occupation: Villain in training, (sidekick)
  • Abilities: Power Backside Fart Blasts 
  • Weapon: Flatulence Gun, fart tank
  • allies: Fartor
  • foes: Abby, Lab Rat,