Voiced by Sean Cullen
Real Name Larry
Alias Fartor
Social Status Villain
Age 30's (?)
Signature Ability His powerful backside fart blasts

Fartor (voiced by Sean Cullen) - Fifteen years ago, he was just an ordinary kid named Larry. That was until his older brother Gary tortured him by stuffing his brother under the bedsheets and farting in there. During those fifteen years, he became adapted to breathing the gases in farts. Like a fish is out of the water, clean air is toxic for him, so he breathes toxic gases in a dome that he wears on his body. Fartor wants revenge on his older brother Gary. He was last seen stranded on the moon in the episode 'The Fart Side Of The Moon' where he had tried so hard to ensure that his meteor would hit earth ensuring that the Earth's air would be full of methane gas (CH4) and other substances in which it is habitable for him. Like any other villain, his plan had failed as the stowaway director had eaten too many beans and released his nuclear gas, Therefore, redirecting the meteor to hit the moon. Fartor is seen to be happy in the moon, though being alone.

  • Real Name: Larry
  • First Appearance: Episode 3 ("Fartzilla")
  • Last Appearance: S:2 EP:24 The Fart Side Of The Moon