Gary Gumdrop (voiced by Adrian Truss) - The main antagonist in the episode Candy Isn’t Dandy. People call him the ultimate candy man, but he's just a crazy man with a big sweet tooth and a lot of rotten teeth. His plan is to make super tooth-rotting candy, pretending that they'll take care of your teeth, and distribute them to everyone, so he won't be the only one with a rotten mouth and a large craving for candy.

  • First Appearance: Episode 40 ("Candy Isn’t Dandy") also known as the crazy candy man
  • He try's to trick kids by making rotting candy look like normal candy
  • Quote: Gary Gumdrop at your service. Chew hearty kiddies.....while you still can. It’s showtime. Hahahahahahaha!


Gary's personality and appearance is similiar to that of the Joker from Gotham.

He is known to always seem happy even at time's darkest.



Most of the time he wears a disguise with fake teeth. He is a parody of Willy Wonka. When he was young he loved candy more than any kid. This obession caused him to sneak out and get all the candy he could eat. As a result of eating candy and his refusal to brush his teeth gives him rotten teeth and bad breath. He disguises himself by wearing powdered makeup, false teeth and a high voice.

He always has pink hair and wears his blue coat with his blue hat. He is known to always have his candy cane coloured cane by his side. Gary is also seen to have a purple lipstick coating on, possibly representing the level of madness inside him when he commences his evil deads.