Main Title Sequence & Credits

There have been two main title sequences used:

  • The first main title sequence (Episodes 1-5, 9 and 11) involves a montage of clips from previous episodes. After a shot of the GRS symbol, we see clips involving exciting or gross situations.
  • The second main title sequence (from Episode 6 onward) is the colorful "art deco" opening, styled like the credits sequence from The Incredibles and the classic movie credits of designer Saul Bass. As is the case with the first opening sequence, the International airings of the series has the full 45-second opening sequence, whereas the airings in Canada and the US have a truncated 30-second version.

The closing credits depict slime, forming abstract lines (within which the credits appear), ending with a gag Nelvana logo, in which the logo's polar bear and star are suddenly doused with green slime. In the UK version, three guitar notes are heard (the jingle for Nelvana) followed by the sound of slime being splashed(as it's being splashed on the polar bear, the star, and the company's text.

The YTV airings retain the original closing credits, however they are omitted from the Discovery Kids airings, which have embedded credits underneath a compressed picture (at the end of each episode), followed briefly by the normal YTV and Nelvana logos.