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Naomi de Grossology/Grotescología, Agentes Asquerosos


Naomi and Ty walking in Ringworm Junior High hallway in "When Allergies Attack"



Naomi (voiced by Lauren Collins in EE.UU. and Voiced by Diana pérez in Latin American) - A shy and gentle girl at Ringworm Junior High, and Ty's love interest. She is really sweet, with a lot of kindness inside her. She may seem shy on the outside,but inside, she is caring and a good friend.

Naomi is very kind and often comforts Ty whenever his attempts to be "manly" fail. She likes Ty for his sensitivity and who he is and does not wish him to be someone else. Naomi is unaware of Ty's Grossologist status and only interacts with him at school.

Appearance Edit

Naomi Grotescología

Naomi Artwork

Naomi is a shorter girl, thin, with large, round glasses and mid-length carrot-colored bangs and hair. She has often wears a barrette in her hair and a shirt with a skirt and socks with shoes.

Trivia Edit

--She has three brothers, Jack, Jake and Jethro, all of whom are very athletic and macho. They call Ty "Ladybug".

-- She is allergic to both flowers and chocolate, among many allergies (milk, ragweed, mold, dust, something in Worcestershire sauce) as stated in "When Allergies Attack".

-- She takes ballet.

Ralph sings Rockstar by his bad favorite singer Miley Cyrus everyday



Ty talking to Naomi