Ty and Abby must foil Insectiva's plot to use giant, mutated termites to destroy the city. Meanwhile, Abby and Paige fight over who should decorate the gym for the dance.

Plot Edit

Ringworm Junior High are getting ready for the upcoming school dance at the gym so they decorate it. Until Paige appear, but Abby run up to Paige about a bee should stay down, but Abby says that one of them is in charge of the school gym and the bee goes up, but she kept saying the bee goes down, but then Ty calls Abby, she walks out the gym angry expression.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of Grossology
  • This is the episode where Paige and her friends appear
  • Paige and Abby argues
  • Insectiva real name is Cara Chitin
  • LabRat makes it first appearance
  • This is the first time that Grossologist wears a slime suit

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Grossology Queen for a Day - Ep 1-1

Grossology Queen for a Day - Ep 1-1

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