Roger Pinkeye

Rodger Pinkeye - A kid with pink eye. He is curious about Ty and Abby's extra-curricular activities, and thus sets off to find the truth about his classmates' secret identities, using various attempts to do so, but all of them end in failure. He likes to make moldy cheese in his attic as seen in the episode "Mold Monster". He actually became a Grossologist in one episode, but that only lasted about a day or two, then he got knocked out and when he woke up, he didn't remember anything. But, his curiosity for Ty and Abby's secret is continuous.

First Appearance: Episode 33 ("Mold Monster")

Trivia Edit

Did you know that once Pink-Eye was a Grossologist?

Pink-Eye is known to be the one that can't keep his nose to himself and always eves drop on other people's conversation.

Pink-Eye was had once worked with Lance Boil in an episode where they had created the clone Abby.

Pink-Eye has a severe eye infection problem.

Pink-Eye's room is protected by an eye scanner, with one side being filled of his infectious pus.