Sinister Romance (sometimes called Sinister Rivalry) is episode 27 overall, and the season 2 premiere. It features Insectiva and her twin sister Arachnidia.


There is a flashback showing them as children at 11m50s. It opens with Insectiva (longer hair with a dark-pink bow, light-pink vest over a long-sleeved dark-pink shirt) letting a moth land on her finger. Arachnidia (short hair with a turqoise headband, white t-shirt with a spider illustrated on front) arises from the bushes and the the moth flies over and lands on Arachnidia's nose, causing her to scream. It flies off and gets caught in a web. The resident spider, instead of killing the moth, crawls off onto Arachnidia's finger, then up her arm and onto her nose, causing her to smile while Insectiva shudders at the sight, and Arachnidia cackles at this.



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