Sloppy Joe, the world's dirtiest and stinkiest bad-guy, today he takes all of the world's most smelliest items including the hockey bag of the most stinkiest hockey player and tha parts of people at a fair. Meanwhile whilst trying to save the world from the perfect stink bomb Ty finally get's the courage to ask Naomi out with both of them being the stinkiest people alive.

Plot Edit

Sloppy Joe plans on making the world's largest stink bomb around to make engulf everyone int he perfect stink. He steals farts form people at a fair and the hockey bag of the stinkiest hockey player ever that the detective says is too stinky to investigate.

In the end Sloppy Joe fails as Lab Rat, Abby and Ty developed a counter agent containing baking soda which neutralises acidic smells, vinager which counteracts alkaline smells, coffee ground which absorb the bad smelll molecules and finally vanilla extract which is great at masking a nasty odour.

With that, Sloppy Joe finally get's a bath through a fire hydrant and becomes once again clean and loosing his stink.

Trivia Edit

"For every agent, there's a counter agent" - Lab Rat

"Why not dab a little [Vanilla Extract] behind your ears lab rat?" - Abby Archer

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