Scab Fairy
Voiced by Jessica Holmes
Real Name Helena Globin
Alias Scab Fairy
The Scab Fairy (voiced by Jessica Holmes) - A crazed former beauty queen who was traumatized over a small cut to her shoulder which became a scab. Her obsession with her physical beauty made her believe the the injury was a deformity she could never recover from, ending her career. Not seen since then, she used her exceptional degree in dermatology and mythology to create a high-tech dragonfly-winged suit made of scabs, and takes the identity of the Scab Fairy, based on a Tooth Fairy-like myth figure that collects scabs (rather than teeth). She is armed with a high-tech wand that removes scabs from people's wounds, and inflicts them on others. Her ultimate obsession is to inflict scabs on anyone pretty, as revenge for the loss of her old beauty queen career.
  • Real Name: Helena Globin
  • First Appearance: Episode 5 ("This Scab's For You ")
  • Helena Globin's name is a pun on the word hemoglobin, a blood-related property.

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