A former beauty queen, calling herself the "Scab Fairy," invents a weapon that allows her to steal people's scabs so that she can inflict them on others, mainly those in the Missal Wonderful Beauty Pageant to make them look ugly like her on the outsidem, with it only hurting when they look in the mirror.

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Abby is finally trying out for the volley ball team and her dad has gone full on director giving orders to ensure that Abby get's in as "Volley Ball wait's for no one".

As they trained in the early morning Abby trips and receive a scab which her dad say's like the the tooth fairy, there is also a scab fairy who comes at night and takes your scab for you whilst leaving some change.

As the scab fairy comes, they find out that really she's been stealing all of the scabs and not leaving any change. From that they try to hunt down the scab fairy before she takes everybodies scab to take revenge on all the beautiful people that are invovled in the Missal Wonderful Beauty Pageant by scabbing them.

In the end, they defeat her using bat saliva which is known to counter the formation of scabs to destroy her scab wand. As she tries to escape Abby uses her new volley ball skills to throw a globe at the scab fairy as she tries to leave hitting her wings and making her fall to the ground. the globe then hits Paige and stays on her head.

Trivia Edit

"Volley Ball waits for no one" - Mr Archer

"Finders keepers kid!" - The Scab Fairy

The Scab Fairy's armor is actually made entirely of a combination of people's scabs that she has collected

"The truth is he [Mr Archer] never made the volley ball team" - Mrs Archer

The Scab Fairy's real name is Helene Globin who has a degree in immunology and folklore and was once a beauty pageant star.

"So she's back and on a scabbing mission." - Abby Archer

The team use their secret weapon which is bat saliva to counter the formation of scabs.

"I'm beautiful on the inside" - The Scab Fairy

"This is the worse pageant ever" - Paige Logan

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Grossology The Scab Fairy - Ep 5

Grossology The Scab Fairy - Ep 5

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